Liesl Wenzke Hartmann

Liesl Wenzke Hartmann is the owner of Communication Therapy in San Francisco. She has provided speech therapy to children in the Bay Area since 2001. Liesl provides individualized speech and language services to children and adolescents in her clinic as well as in home and school settings. She believes that collaboration with family members and other professionals working with her clients is key to their success. She enjoys developing a trusting relationship with each of her clients and builds on each child's interests to make therapy an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Liesl also provides training to pre-school teachers and other professionals in the area of social communication.

Liesl is a consultant for the San Francisco Parent Participation Nursery Schools. In 2003, she received the American Speech and Hearing Association Award for Continuing Education. She also earned a grant from the US Department of Education for specialized graduate instruction in severe speech and language disabilities. Liesl and Jordan Sadler continue to collaborate regularly to provide the best quality of services to their clients.


  • DIR/Floortime
  • PECS
  • Social Stories
  • RDI
  • Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking
  • Hanen It Takes Two to Talk parent training
  • Kaufman approach to apraxia intervention

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{ My son still asks about Liesl. She has a real gift for children.}

--Ann, parent of a 5-year-old.

{ Liesl let me participate in her sessions and always provided techniques for us parents to apply. Now my boys are where we never thought they would be: they can communicate and they have friends! Thank you, Liesl, for your contribution in bringing back our two boys. }

--Rosa, parent of two boys with autism

{ Liesl brings an impressive depth of knowledge and great empathy to her practice. In addition to her strong credentials as a speech pathologist, she always places her everyday therapeutic work in the context of children's sensory and cognitive challenges. She integrates her work easily with that of parents, teachers, and other members of a caregiving team, always lending significant observations and insights.}

- Peter, parent of a 10 year old

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