WE PROVIDE excellent assessment and therapeutic services.We find that our clients benefit from a holistic approach: we collaborate with parents, other members of the therapeutic team, teachers, caregivers, and siblings when working in the client’s home, school, or in the clinic.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Social pragmatic deficits
Language disorders and delays
Articulation and phonological disorders
Oral motor and tongue thrust disorders

Speech, language and oral motor therapy
Comprehensive assessments
Speech and language screenings
Social Thinking groups
Parent and teacher training
Co-treatment with other specialists
Consultation and advocacy

{ Their insights about the children are illuminating, and their sensitivity to the needs of the family is always well-attuned.}

--Barbara Kalmanson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


{ Working with the individual needs of each child, they develop hands-on functional and play-based strategies that can be used across home and school

--Susan Dambroff, Special Educator

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