We believe that children and adolescents acquire
and generalize new skills only after they’ve developed
warm, trusting relationships with their therapists.

Communication therapy is a developmental and relationship-based approach to speech-language pathology.

Because children are more motivated to work with adults they trust, we involve parents and other key adults in each client’s customized therapeutic process.

Both Jordan and Liesl are members of:
Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL)
American Speech, Language and Hearing Association (ASHA)

Liesl is a member of:
California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA)

Jordan is a member of:
Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA)

{ They don't just teach communication, they teach connection. }

– Dennis Aftergut, Founder, Oak Hill School


{ Through co-treatment, teachers, therapists, caretakers, and parents are all able to be an integral part of the child's speech and language learning. }

--Susan Dambroff, Special Educator

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